In this page I will post codes and stata-commands or data-files  that can help you soothe your research.

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  • STATA Dataset: Date Data

This dataset is just a “date” dataset that contains year month and day. The idea is that if you know that a law-passed on day “x” and you will use an aggregate level outcome Y, where you have me measure how much was that month or year exposed to the law, then you could use this dataset to collapse the information really quick. Or for any other creative use!

You can download it on this website of OSF.

This command does something very simple, it labels all the FIPS code from the U.S. with their respective state label. I have excluded coded that are not officially states. The way to use the command is by typing labelstates and then the variable name you want to label. Say for example my variable name is fips then I would type

labelstates fips

That’s it. To download the command click here, and just copy and paste it into a do-file window and save it as “statelabel.ado”

or You can download it on this website of OSF.