• “Do ‘Cheeseburger Bills’ Work? Effect of Tort Reform for Fast Food” with Kitt Carpenter, Journal of Law and Economics, November 2015.

Replication Kit  (NBER Working Paper Link) Media Coverage: The Economist “Free Exchange” Blog, Washington Post, Adam Smith Institute Blog

  • Public Spillovers from Private Insurance Contracting: Physician Responses to Managed Care with Michael Richards.  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy Forthcoming
  • The Impact of Obesity on Wages: The Role of Personal Interactions with Andrea Moro and Tommaso Tempesti. Labour. Forthcoming

Working Papers

  • Losing Public Health Insurance: TennCare Disenrollment and Personal Financial distress [Fed Working paper]  with Laura Argys, Andrew Friedson, and Melinda Pitts. Revision requested at Journal of Public Economics
  • Effects of Losing Public Health Insurance on Healthcare Access, Utilization, and Health Outcomes: Evidence from the TennCare Disenrollment [Current Version]. 

Awards: 2018 John Heinz Dissertation Award from the National Academy of Social Insurance | APPAM Ph.D. Dissertation award – Honorable Mention | 1st place in APPAM poster competition

  • Losing public insurance and mental health care and mental illness: Evidence from a large-scale Medicaid disenrollment with Catherine Maclean and Chandler McClellan. [Draft available upon request]

Work in Progress

  • Dependent coverage mandates impact on provider behavior with Michael Richards

Other work

  •  “Micro y Pequeñas Empresas Bajo el Enfoque Sobre Competitividad: El Caso de la Región ICA”, collaborator joint with Juan Pizarro, Luis del Carpio, Pia Torres, Daniel Sandoval, Author: Mario D. Tello, Published by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI), Lima, April 2010
  • “Do people value what they receive for free?” joint with Kerry J. Brennan, Alliance Magazine, Volume 15, Number 1, March 2010, P.23
  • Projects as a Research Assistant